“Source Direct is a very professional organization.  Ed and his team are super knowledgeable. They have the experience and connections to make your product a reality. Having the right team in place is crucial and a necessity to bring a product into the market. Having tried to go it alone and dealing with the frustrations that came along with it I am glad I decided to work with Source Direct. They were able to get my product produced at a reasonable price when I couldn’t find a company to do it on my own. I look forward to the future and recommend Source Direct to anyone who is willing to pursue their dreams.”

Emina Hayrula

Inventor, Shape and Bake

“Source Direct is a joy to work with and is a wealth of knowledge. My product needed a lot of attention and I surely got it with their services.”

Shane Wisdom

Inventor, Gotta Potty

“I was very happy with the Source Direct process. Their team kept in touch often and I always knew what their process was! I knew Source Direct was on top of it always! Even financially, I was kept informed every step of the way. No surprises! I would sometimes ask the same question multiple times over the course of months and they were always happy to help. Their team was patient with me and never tried to get me off the phone in a hurry.  Source Direct is a good company – that’s really what I think every inventor should know, and I firmly believe it!”

Mary Beltran

Inventor, MagScoop

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“Before I found Source Direct, I was working with another company that took a year to send me a sample – very frustrating! Then, I found Source Direct and they have been helping me ever since. They got my prototype and all I needed for my hat invention/company. My dream of getting my invention going is mostly thanks to the Source Direct team and Ed. Can’t wait to see my hat in many stores! Thank you again Source Direct!”

Karen Cooney

Inventor, Brainy Pac

“You are in good hands with Source Direct. I have nothing but good things to say about Ed Mauro and Source Direct. My experience with them have been great and very professional. They are a company that goes far beyond their call of duty and will do all that it takes to get the job done.”

Charisse Edey

Inventor, Weave Scratcher

“I have been working with Source Direct and Ed Mauro for over three (3) years.  I am an inventor and patent attorney.  Part of my association with Source Direct has been introducing many of my patent clients to Source Direct.  All of them have contacted me after they worked with Source Direct and gave Source Direct great reviews.  Source Direct has taken many of my clients from the inventor’s idea stage to delivering products that are ready to go in the showroom.  In all of my years as an inventor and patent attorney Source Direct offers more to help an inventor than any other company I know.  Source Direct has helped me develop five of my own products.  They did a big part of the design work, marketing assistance and found manufacturers to supply the products.  I was very happy with the products when they arrived. I will be happy to talk to anyone that has questions about Source Direct.  My cell phone number is 757-615-3613.”

William G. Sykes

Inventor, Crawl Space Door Systems

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